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Nightlife in Rome

There aren't only monuments or museums to enjoy in Rome..here you can find some places to have fun ...at night!

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Amusing nightlife in Rome is spread all over the city. You can find clubs, and bars in every corner and alley, though there are some areas that are more concentrated and famous than others.

Let's start from the vivid CAMPO DE' FIORI. Crowded during the day when it hosts the famous market place, when the night comes Campo de' Fiori is one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the city. A lot of young Romans come to enjoy their drinks and meet great number of tourists that are very frequent here. Thanks to many American schools and colleges in this zone, Campo de' Fiori is mostly populated by foreign students. There are many wine bars, pizzerias and entertaining pubs to visit in this area.

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If you'd like to stay in the young student environment, SAN LORENZO is another characteristic zone of that kind. Since it's a University area, the population is mostly under 30 and the atmosphere is informal and very alive. You can more easily find a parking place than in other areas. Bars and pubs are always full of cheerful people, but you might find more interesting to spend an evening in piazza. It's a common situation to find a lot of youth sitting on the scales drinking their beer and having fun at the open space.

One of the most disco-concentrated areas is TESTACCIO/OSTIENSE. A lot of interesting places to go to, from bars to late night discos can be found here. These clubs are frequented both by students and over 30 Italians and foreigners in search for good music, famous DJ and dancing. Most of the night clubs are situated in Via di Monte Testaccio. Many of them are organized as restaurants, after-dinner bars and dancing–disco–clubs.

PARIOLI is one of the richest parts of Rome, but is also very isolated. Nightlife is good, classy, but make sure you have a car to get to, because it's connected badly with the center of Rome.

The beautiful PIAZZA NAVONA and Via della Pace area are famous for al lot of alleys full of very chic bars and wine bars adored by Romans.

For many years PONTE has been the part of the city where you can find a lot of trattorias, restaurants and bars to grab a drink or two, and spend an interesting evening. It's characteristic for live music events and open space bars.

PINCIANO is the area of Rome where is situated the beautiful park and Villa Borghese. A lot of Romans spend their free time here. During the summer this zone is very vivid. You can enjoy some music concerts and spectacles and get a nice "aperitivo" in local bars.

TRASTEVERE, one of the most authentic Romans areas, in years became a very international meeting place with a lot of bars, caffetterias, restaurants. If you'd like to taste a good wine or have an aperitif, this artistic, bohemian part of the Eternal city is a right place to visit.

The new, modern area of the city, EUR, is a perfect place to spend some very chic and exclusive nights, starting from dinner in elegant restaurants and passing to high level discos not rarely frequented by famous Italian VIPs.



  • Address: Largo Fumasoni Biondi, 5, Trastevere
  • Phone: (0039)06–5880398


  • Address: Via del Moro, 10, Trastevere
  • Phone: (0039)338–2074463

Bandana Republic

  • Address: Via Alessandria 44/46, San Lorenzo
  • Phone: (0039)06–44249751

Coetus Club

  • Address: Via dei Volsci, 126/b, San Lorenzo

Fiesta Mexicana

  • Address: Via di Porta Labicana, 52, San Lorenzo
  • Phone: (0039)06–4456962

Jazz cafè

  • Address: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 12, Ponte
  • Phone: (0039)06–80 81 460

Bar del Fico

  • Address: Piazza del Fico, 26/28, Ponte
  • Phone: (0039)06–6865205

Caffè Latino

  • Address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 96, Testaccio
  • Phone: (0039) 06–57 44 020

Alibi 2000

  • Address: M.te Testaccio, 39, Testaccio
  • Phone: (0039)06–5743448

Big Mama

  • Address: Vicolo S. Francesco a Ripa, 18
  • Phone: (0039)06–5812551


  • Address: Piazza delle Cinque Coppelle, 5


  • Address: Piazza B. Romano, 8, Garbatella
  • Phone: (0039)06–5110203

New Open Gate

  • Address: Via S. Nicola da Tolentino, 4
  • Phone: (0039)06–4824464

Saint Louis Music City

  • Address: Via del Cardello, 13
  • Phone: (0039) 06–4745076

Pantheon Club

  • Address: Piazza Rondanini, 36


  • Address: Via Crescenzio, 82A
  • Phone: (0039)06–6896302

Bar della Pace

  • Address: Via della Pace, 3, Center
  • Phone: (0039)06–6861216

The Drunken Ship

  • Address: Campo dei Fiori, 20/21
  • Phone: (0039)06–68300535

La Vineria

  • Address: Via Campo dei Fiori, 15
  • Phone: (0039)06–68803268

Jonathan's Angel

  • Address: Via della Fossa, 16
  • Phone: (0039)06–6893426


  • Address: Via Teatro Pace, 30, Parione
  • Phone: (0039)06–68802029

Sgt. Pepper's

  • Address: Via della Giuliana, 95
  • Phone: (0039)06–39741303


ametista logo

Ametista Discoclub

Discoclub and restaurant open from Monday to Sunday for aperitifs, dinners and afterdinner partys. It's possible to organize private parties.

  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Via Libetta 3–zone Ostiense
  • Phone: (0039)3404638492
marilyn logo


Open space, over 500 square meters of minimal New York style. Offers the sound of many famous DJs like D. Sanchez, Robbie Rivera, Ralf, Francesco Farfa e Frankie Knuckles. Opened on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but it's possible to organize private parties during the week.

  • Hours: 24:00–4:30
  • Age: 20–30
  • Address: Via Libetta 7, Ostiense
disco 45 giri logo

Disco 45 giri

A big loft. Lounge atmosphere and sound.

  • Hours: 20:30–4:30
  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Via Libetta 19, Ostiense
joia logo


Tidy and elegant, mostly house & happy sound, with DJ guest Luca Agnelli and others.

  • Hours: 20:30–4:30
  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Via Galvani 20, zone Testaccio
hulalà logo


It a creation of the famous French PR Stephane Rochet.Very fashionable. The sound is classic house, dance and some rare-grooves.

  • Hours: 23:30-4:30
  • Age: 20–35
  • Address: Via dei Conciatori 7, zone Ostiense–Testaccio
Distillerie clandestine bar logo

Distillerie Clandestine

The characteristic sound of Swing, Electro Jazz. Made out of different rooms of Distillerie Clandestine: Dinner Room, Swing Room and R'n'B Room.

  • Hours: 23:30–4:30
  • Age: 20–35
  • Address: Viale di Libetta 13, Ostiense
shangò logo


One of the historical Roman clubs. It's opened on Fridays and on Saturdays. The rest of the days it's possible to organize private parties. Entrance is specifically on the list.

  • Hours: 23:30–4:30
  • Address: Via San Saba 11/a, zona Piramide–Testaccio
akab cave logo


Open space. Smoking area. Lounge, Black and R'n'B sound. Entrance on the list.

  • Address: Via di Monte Testaccio 69, zone Testaccio
  • Phone: (0039)3356506725
charro café logo

Charro café

A restaurant and disco bar with a rich Mexican menu. Latin atmosphere. It's closed on Sundays and Mondays.

  • Address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 73, zone Testaccio
  • Phone: (0039)06–5783064
goa disco logo


A famous Roman club with a long tradition. This interesting etno ambient had some very famous DJ guests as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Deep Dish, Sven Vath, Timo Mass, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox and others.

  • Address: Via Libetta, 13, zone Ostiense
  • Phone: (0039)3924509177
alpheus logo


A disco for different tastes, from live music, over rock, heavy metal to dance music. 4 large rooms, 4 different ambients.

  • Address: Via del Commercio, 36, Testaccio
  • Phone: (0039)06–5747826
caruso caffè logo

Caruso Caffè

Latin bar with disco and live music.

  • Hours: 22:00–4:00
  • Address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 36, zone Testaccio
  • Phone: (0039)06–5745019
nazca bar logo


One of the first American bars in Rome. Candle light atmosphere. Long innovative cocktail list. Electronic, minimal music.

  • Address: Via Del Gazometro 42
  • Phone: (0039)06–45447372
spazio 900 logo

Spazio 900

It's situated in the Antic Art Palace. Both summer and winter disco. Organized theme nights with most famous djs from Ibiza.

  • Hours: 24:00–04:30
  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 26b, zone Eur
  • Phone: (0039)3289238961
deep disco logo


Minimalistic loft. Privèe on the superior level of the club often hospits football players and Italian VIPs. Music mostly by rapper DJs and black singers, dance, soul.

  • Hours: 20:30–4:30
  • Age: 20-40
  • Address: Piazza Umberto Elia Terracini 10/14, zone Laghetto dell'Eur
jet set roma logo

Jet Set

The location has two different parts:
Chalet is practically a wooden terrace beside the lake, and Jet Set has the restaurant, the terrace and the famous Lounge Area. The sound is based mostly on live music. Thanks to its complex structure it's opened both in the summer and winter.

  • Hours: 23:00–4:00
  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Piazza Umberto Elia Terracini, zone Laghetto dell'Eur
la cabala logo

La Cabala

The disco is hosted in the XV century buiding near piazza Navona. Music by dj resident Nicola Viti de Angelis and international dj Andrea T. Mendoza.

  • Hours: 20:00 - 04:00
  • Age: over 25
  • Address: Via dei Soldati 25c, Historical Centre
  • Phone: (0039)3281733328
babel logo


A very new fashion club from the capital. Elegant dress code and door selection.

  • Hours: 24:00–04:00
  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Via del Galoppatoio 33, Villa Borghese, Pinciano
art cafè logo

Art Cafè

Very exclusive location. Might find famous guests.

  • Hours: 20:30–04:30
  • Age: 20–30
  • Address: Via del Galoppatoio 33, Villa Borghese, Pinciano
  • Phone: (0039)333 181498
jackie'o logo


A restaurant with Italian kitchen that continues in after-dinner hours as a piano bar and elegant disco.

  • Address: Via Boncompagni, 11, Pinciano
smart club logo

Smart Club

The music is a mix of Commercial , Revival, Black & House sound. It should be visited on Fridays.

  • Hours: 24:00-4:00
  • Age: 20–30
  • Address: Via Portuense 74, zone Porta Portese
livingroom disco logo


Hi-tech New York style. Dress up, there's a door selection.

  • Hours: 08:00–22:00 bar and restaurant ; 22:00–04:00 disco
  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Via Solferino 9, zone Termini
piper disco logo

Piper Disco

A very big space. When full gets over 1000 young, dancing people. New music tendency. Youthful.

  • Hours: 24:00–4:30
  • Age: 20–30
  • Address: Via Tagliamento 9, zone Parioli
bòeme logo


Ex Alien disco. Combines modern and baroque style.

  • Hours: 24:00–4:30
  • Age: 20–30
  • Address: Via Velletri 13, Parioli
gilda club logo


Just around the corner of piazza di Spagna. Very elegant, sophisticated, cosy. Frequented by actors, writers, politicians and different artists.

  • Hours: 20:30–4:30
  • Age: 25–40
  • Address: Via Mario de' Fiori 97, Centre
vogue club logo


A new 2008/09 club of the Northern part of Rome. Different room, and a well closed privèe only for people who reserved the table and are over average age who can spend a pleasant night more in private.

  • Hours: 24:00–4:30
  • Age: 20–30
  • Address: Piazzale dello stadio Olimpico 5, zone stadio Olimpico
nice disco logo


One of the most glamourous discos in Rome. It has a long list of VIPs, Music is R'n'B, House, Commercial and Revival.

  • Hours: 23:00–4:00
  • Age: 25–50
  • Address: Largo de Martino, zone stadio Olimpico, Foro Italico


Velvet has 2 halls for live concerts and disco. The sound wave goes from rock to techno-electro-dark music. Opened on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Hours: 22:00–5:00
  • Address: Largo Bastia 11/a
  • (0039)06–68213531

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