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History of Art of Rome

ROME is a city where the realities of the past and the present live together completely integrated. It has been the capital of the emperors the popes, and the kings.
It is one of the greatest centres of the Classical, Renaissance, and Baroque art.
The typical stratification of cultures, styles, and works of art realised during the centuries is the most specific and fascinating characteristic of the city. The history of the art in Rome is characterised by the survival of monuments dating back from the prehistory up to the present that allow us to acknowledge it following this synthetic periodical scheme:

Age of the Kings (753-509 BC)

Republican Age (509-27 BC)

Imperial Age (BC 27- AC 476)

Early Christian Rome (IV – VIII century)

Medieval Rome (VII – XIV century)

Renaissance Rome (XV – XVI century)

Baroque Rome (XVII century)

Modern Rome (XVIII - XIX century)

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