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The Quality of Life in Rome

Lifestyle in Rome: Ancient and modern Rome

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There is no need to persuade people about the magnificent atmosphere of Rome - The Eternal City. Its glorious past still lives in every corner of this beautiful city. The ancient is mixed with the modern, and what results is something better than both.

Rome is a vibrant city, a center of culture, art and businness. Walking through Rome is like stepping into the past, and experiencing the Story of a city and a culture that has influenced almost every part of the world.

Are you wondering how it feels to sit down in a "Bar" (a classic italian pub) in front of the Coliseum, drinking a beer while admiring the power of this ancient monument? The best way to know it, it's just trying it!

Quality of life in Rome: point of wiev

Photo by Mattia Belingheri

Another aspect that makes Rome more than an interesting city is its variety of cultural events. Every month there are fairs, shows, concerts, cinema appointments and more..

Every road leads to Rome... this is not only just to say: the Romans were the first who organized the system of transportation, building roads, streets and squares, mainly for simplify the commercial exchanges in the ancient "peninsula".

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