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Culinary Art in Rome

Culinary Art in Rome: Bucatini all'amatricianaItalian Cuisine is particulary rich and variegated thanks to the influences of different cultural traditions: Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Arab...
Also the gastronomic tradition of Lazio presents some of this aspects, for example: artichokes "alla giudia" come from the Jewish ghetto; the spaghetti "all'amatriciana" arrive from Amatrice, a country that once belonged to the province of the Aquila, in Abruzzo, Italy; even the famous "gnocchi alla romana" perhaps come from Piedmont.

The first dishes offer a vaste range of pastas: "the fettuccine alla romana", with meat sauce of tomato, ham and mushrooms; the "bucatini" (and spaghetti)" all'amatriciana" with bacon and paprika; the spaghetti "alla carrettiera" with tuna, mushrooms and tomato; another famous recipe is the spaghetti "alla carbonara" with bacon, pecorino cheese and red of egg; or the simple pasta "ajo and ojo" (garlic and olive oil).

Italian wine and cheese tasting tour in Rome, Italy

Italian Wine and Cheese Tasting in Rome

The best way to taste the delicious Italian wines and cheese?
Enjoy a "Wine and Cheese Tasting" tour in Rome!
You will taste an excellent variety of white and red wines, regional artisan cheese and delicious cured meats at the popular "L’Angolo Divino" wine bar, where an experienced guide will tell you everything you need to know about Rome delicacies.

Book your guided tour in Rome with us!Duration: 1 hour
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The second dishes include "coda alla vaccinara", in which the tail, is cooked with flavored meat sauce with raisin, pine-seeds, bitter chocolate and pieces of celery. The rost lamb or lamb "alla cacciatora" is served with a sauce made of: garlic, rosemary, white wine, anchovy and paprika; the "salti in bocca", are slices of meat with sage and ham rolled up; the "mixed fried" is composed of slices of meat, cutlet of lamb and vegetables.

Vegetables: besides the artichokes, prepared "alla romana", that is stuffed with aromas, otherwise accompanied by peas, or served "alla giudia", broccoli, peas and faves are very used too. The famous "misticanza" is a mixed salad composed by wild leaves.
We cannot forget the "puntarelle", bitter chicory dressed with garlic, olive oil and anchovies.

The Italian Cusine and the Roman one, thanks to passion which is the most important feature of the Italian Culinary Art, and it is the reason that makes the italian cuisine appreciated and recognized all over the world.

Italian wine and cheese tasting tour in Rome, Italy

Cooking Class in Rome

Once in Rome, you can’t miss the chance to learn all the secrets about the Italian cuisine and Roman recipes!
You will surprise all your friends and family when coming back home with fresh, authentic, homemade pasta and other typical Italian food!
You can choose between:

Rome Walking Tour and Cooking Class

Book your guided tour in Rome with us!Duration: 4 hours (approx.)
Price: Starting from EUR € 67 per person

Small-Group Cooking Lesson in Rome

Book your guided tour in Rome with us!Duration: 5 hours (approx)
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