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Cinecittà Studios

The Cinecittà or Cinema City is the home of a great number of both Italian and international films. It's a large film studio in south-east Rome that was founded in 1937 by Benito Mussolini and his head of cinema Luigi Freddi mostly for propaganda purposes. The complex was designed as a complete centre of production, training, organizing and post-production.

The Cinecittà had a difficult time through history. During the World War II it was bombed by the Western Allies, and its structure had to move for a while to Venice. When the war was over, and everything went back to its place, Cinecittà started to spread its work progressively.

By the 1950s, American production companies were coming in large numbers in search of cheap facilities. The beauty of Rome and possibility to shoot at authentic locations and have the complete complex of studios, production and post-production nearby keeps attracting filmmakers from all over the world.

In the 1980s Cinecittà was privatized by the Italian government.

In the summer of 2007 another tragedy hit the studios of the Cinecittà: a fire destroyed about 3000 m² of the lot and surroundings but it didn't stop the studio to continue working.

Panoramic view of Cinecittà

Besides a great number of films made here, Cinecittà also hosts TV productions of different kind, among some, the Italian Big Brother (Grande Fratello) and the BBC/HBO series Rome. For now studio is mostly closed for the public, but it is planned to organize guided tours through whole Cinecittà in the near future.

All of the Italian directors like Fellini, Rossellini, Alessandrini made a lot of their films at Cinecittà. Some of the world famous classics and blockbusters came out of this studio:

  • LA BELEZZA DEL DIAVOLO- Rene Clair (1949)
  • LA CARROZZA D'ORO- Jean Renoir (1952)
  • VACANZE ROMANE- William Wyler (1952)
  • I VITELLONI- Federico Fellini (1953)
  • HELEN OF TROY- Robert Wise (1954)
  • THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN- Jean Negulesco (1954)
  • WAR AND PEACE- King Vidor (1955)
  • THE QUIET AMERICAN- Josepf L. Mankiewicz (1957)
  • BEN HUR- William Wyler (1958)
  • I SOLITI IGNOTTI- Mario Monicelli (1958)
  • LA DOLCE VITA- Federico Fellini (1959)
  • CLEOPATRA- Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1961)
  • THE PINK PANTHER- Anthony Dawson (1962)
  • MEDEA- Pier Paolo Pasolini (1969)
  • CHE?- Roman Polanski (1972)
  • AMARCORD- Federico Fellini (1973)
  • C'ERA UNA VOLTA IN AMERICA- Sergio Leone (1982)
  • LADY HAWKE- Richard Donner (1983)
  • THE NAME OF THE ROSE- Jean-Jacques Annaud (1985)
  • L'ULTIMO IMPERATORE- Bernardo Bertolucci (1986)
  • THE GODFATHER III- Francis Ford Coppola (1989)
  • CLIFFHANGER- Renny Harlyn(1992)
  • THE ENGLISH PATIENT- Anthony Minghella (1995)
  • PORTRAIT OF A LADY- Jane Campion (1995)
  • LA VITA E' BELLA- Roberto Benigni (1997)
  • THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY- Anthony Minghella (1998)
  • TITUS- Julie Taymore (1998)
  • GANGS OF NEW YORK- Martin Scorsese (2002)
  • THE PASSION- Mel Gibson (2003)
  • OCEAN'S TWELVE- Steven Soderbergh(2004)
  • MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3- J.J.Abrams(2005)
  • MIRACLE AT ST ANNA- Spike Lee (2007)
  • ANGELS AND DEMONS- Ron Howard (2008)
  • NINE- Rob Marshall (2009)

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To see the complete filmography you can visit the official Cinecittà website.

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