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Football in Rome

A.C Roma Lazio the great football team of the city

As everybody know there are two great football teams in Rome: AS Roma and SS Lazio. Founded respectively in 1927 and in 1900, they represent a big part of Italian football history expecially from the '90s.

The most famous Italian players wore the shirts of the two Romans teams, such as Fabio Capello, Carlo Ancelotti, Bruno Conti, Giuseppe Giannini, Francesco Totti, Alessadro Nesta, Angelo Peruzzi and also many international players as Paolo Falcao, Rudi Voeller, Cafè, Samuel, Emerson , Veron.

Stadio Olimpico the most important stadium of Rome

Both of the teams play at Stadium Olimpico, that contains about 83000 supporters.

Broke ground:
Grass 105m x 68m

Address: Via Piccolomini, 5
About AS Roma: www.asroma.it
About SS Lazio: www.sslazio.it

AS Roma

AS Roma was founded in July 1927 from the consolidation of S.S Alba, Roman F.C and Fortitudo-Pro Roma. The first Stadium was Motovelodromo Appio. From the 1929 to the 1940 A.S Roma has played in the glorious Testaccio Stadium. The Stadio Olimpico was built only in 1952.

The colours of Rome are the traditional colours of the city: red and yellow. The symbol of the team is a "lupa capitolina". Stadio Olimpico the most important stadium of Rome

A.S Roma won its firts championship in the 1941-1942. The second one in the 1982-1983 season and the third one in 2000-01. They were relegated only once, at the end of the 1950-51 season, but they returned to serie A in the next season.

During the'80s the history of A.S Roma was marked by the "infinity war" with Juventus F.C. and only in 1982-1983 A.C Roma overcame it. The 1983 was a "magic" year for the club, they reached the European Cup final, but they lost with Livepool on penalties.

The third championship will arrive only after 18 years with the coach Fabio Capello and the absolute protagonists: Gabriel Batistuta, Vincenzo Montella and Francesco Totti an icon of the club, equal in status to Pruzzo and Conti before him.

The 82,656 seaters of the Stadio Olimpico are usually shared between the typhouses of the club A.S Roma and the S.S Lazio. Moreover, the two clubs play against each other every year in the Rome derby ( "il derbi della capitale", in Italian), a fiery, emotional match often marked by the tension.

The most important winnings of AS Roma are: 9 Coppa Italia ('63/'64, '68/'69, '79/'80, '80/'81, '83/'84, '85/'86, '90/'91, '06/'07, '07/'08), 2 Supercoppa Italiana, 1 Coppa delle Fiere, 1 Torneo Alglo-Italiano.
The president of AS Roma is Rosella Senesi, and the current coach is Claudio Ranieri.

Società Sportiva Lazio S.p.A.

S.S Lazio is the other team of the Capital. This team in among the most renowned in Italy and Europe too. Lazio is the name of the region where the city of Rome is located, and the original founders chose the term Lazio to indicate something greater, that encompassed more than just the city from which they come from.

The colours of the team are blue and white in honour of the Greek, the country of the Olimpic Tradition. The symbol of the team is an Eagle, as ackowledgement to the symbol of the Roman Empire. S.S Lazio is the oldest active team in Rome.

Stadio Olimpico the most important stadium of Rome

S.S Lazio, founded in 1900, deserves a mention also to be the only Roman club which resisted, in the 1927, the attempts of the Fascist regime to join all the city's clubs into a omnicomprensive society, called A.S Roma, an event that happened in the same year.

S.S Lazio won its first trophy, called the Coppa Italia. The first championship was reached in the 1974. During the 1970s S.S Lazio emerged as a good surprise in the league. The 1980s were very different. Lazio was forcibly relegated to serie B in 1980 due to remarkable scandal concerning illegal bets on their own matches, along with Milan. They remained in Italy's second division for three seasons, maybe it was the darkest period in Lazio's history. After a series of truble Lazio returned in Seria A in 1988, with a new president, Giancarlo Calleri, and became a solid top-flight club of the league.

But the real change was with the arrival of Sergio Cragnotti that gave a new implulse to the team, due to new players, to change the club in a valid competitor in the Serie A level.

The most important winnings of the Lazio club are: 5 Coppa Italia ('57/'58, '97/'98, '99/'00, '03/'04, '08/'09), 3 Supercoppa Italiana, 1 Coppa delle Coppe, 1 Supercoppa UEFA and 1 Coppa delle Alpi.
After a finacial scandal Cragnotti left the club. From the 2004 the president is Claudio Lolito. The current coach is Davide Ballardini.

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