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The classic Roman Marathon race will take place in the Capital every year on March (usually the third Sunday): starting from the amazing Imperial Forums (Colosseum), it develops along the old town centre for about 42 kilometres. The Rome's Marathon is counted as the most acclaimed sport competition in Italy.

The Marathon in Rome is a great sport competition offering a special path to its participants, who could admire lots of the Roman historic monumental beauties in the course of the run, from piazza Venezia to piazza Cavour, passing by the Circo Massimo and in front of the Basilica di San Pietro. After a little bit 'less historic' tract along the Tevere river (also including a short tract on the east ring road), at kilometre no. 27 the run re-emerges in the inner city. So from an athletic point of view the track results to be more difficult for the runners, but at the same time in this way it is possible for them to catch all the Roman beauties, such as piazza Navona, the Pantheon, piazza Venezia, piazza di Spagna, etc.An image from the Marathon of Rome To carry on the run in the best way as possible, the participants will find a rest stop set up for them each 5 kilometres. Each rest stop has: aid station, toilets, mechanics for patching wheelchairs, shuttle buses to get latecomers to the finish line, security service and back judges.

The whole Marathon length is 42 kilometres and 195 metres, which is traditionally about the distance between the cities of Maratona and Atene (40 Km); the path wants to symbolize the route that a Greek soldier covered in the past to announce the Persians defeat (Maratona's battle on September 490 b.C.). In the course of the years the Marathon gained more and more relevance in the national and international circuit, up to become the most attended Italian sport competition and one of the most important marathon races, at an international level, according to the number of participants who gained the finish line. It is the fifth run competition in the world according to the number of participants and the seventh according to the speed of the path covered.

As many Romans already know, contemporaneously to the Rome's Marathon it is going to take place the so called "Stracittadina Fun Run", to which everyone can take part cause it's not a competitive run (it lenghts 4km) . The Marathon is a different chance for living the city open-air in a festival mood and far from the ordinary groove. The starting point on March, 21st 2010 , immediately following the start of the 42,195km Marathon. You can register at the Marathon Village until the day before the race: € 7,00 included official t-shirt.

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