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Unfortunately the Notte Bianca has been deleted in the last years, we hope that in the future Rome we will offer again a "notte bianca" full of music, events and open museums, in the meantime you can take a look on the previous editions.

On Saturday 8 September takes place the fifth edition of the Notte Bianca, the event in capital that can never be forgotten, the most important event for the capital, the event that capital can never lose.Events in Rome: Notte Bianca

From 2003 on, there has been four editions of this huge collective event that every year has welcomed thousands of people. Rome citizens, italian and international turists and people from all aronud the world shared with curiosity and emotions this uniqe experience and that good development brings it success.

Also in 2007 Notte Bianca comes back with involving streets, squares, monumets, mansion hauses, museums, private galleries, shops, theatres, art places and places of cult in all the city from its center to its outskirts.

Rome becomes even morethen before an active city without any barriers, city that is opened and able to modify its own horizons suggestings always some new.

Notte Bianca is a great event that always brings differnet aspects: responds the needs of the urban community that wants to be estimated with its own heritage, identity, dreams, it gives back to the cultural production these deep values that are needed between individauls and which improve our lifes.

This year Notte Bianca will be also a great opportunity for knowledge about different nations and dialogue between them.

Events in Rome: Notte BiancaWalking on the streets of Rome will be just like walking on the streets of the world in a trip that will enable you to discover both latin coutries and neighbours, culture of the world with be be shown by performences and artists from 5 differnet continets and italian productions.

Cultural mix is the principal aim of the whole event.

The whole world in one night is the topic of the Notte Bianca 2007

In program for Saturday 8 September you can find performences, concerts, theatres, dance, magic and circus shows, modern art intalations, fireworks, concert and it will all be in the harmony with tradition.
Cultural mix during one night, different artistic abilities, knowledge, technique and different ways of understanding art and entertainment.

Notte Bianca is an event that is created and realized by the Comune di Roma and by Camera di Commercio di Roma, in collaboration with Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, la Regione Lazio and Banche Tesoriere del Comune di Roma - Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Banca di Roma, Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

Waiting for the Notte Bianca

Like in previous years, also in 2007 the importance of the Notte Bianca will be underlined by "the waiting evening" that will precede the event on 8 September, with the eve that - from 9 p.m till 12 p.m - will intoduce the atmosphere and collective participation of the event.

On Friday 7 September there is "waiting for the Notte Bianca" in which timetable you can find art, culture and performances that will show you the sound and lights.
The evening is the part of the night and introduce the true and real atmosphere of the Notte Bianca.

An extraordinary occasion for everybody: those who lives in Rome can enjoy the spacial amtosphere on the streets of his city, try the emotions that you will feel the following night, wandering around the open performaces of the stars of the Notte Bianca.
Turists will have the opportunity to visit the capital in the time of a big festa, magic evening during which it will be possible to touch signs of the history while walking on the streets of Rome and visiting open museums. Summer in Rome: Notte Bianca

Thanks to the "Waiting for Notte Bianca" all the people that are not from Rome can experience an amazing week-end that will include two nights of festa - it is a great way to get to know Rome visit shops and restaurants.

Among all the planed events the most important are: spectacular installation "Massimo Silenzio" made by artist Giancarlo Neri, realized in collaboration with ENEL that illuminates with many colored lights huge ellipse of Circo Massimo.

Inauguration of the renovated Palazzo delle Esposizioni that in the ocasion of the Notte Bianca opens for public; huge concert on Piazza di Siena; inauguration of he exhibition dedicated to Scipione, artist of the Scuola Romana, in Casino dei Principi di Villa Torlonia.

It will be also possible to visit communal museums an some national musemus, opened extraordinarly until 12 p.m

Communal museums

Musei Capitolini, Centrale Montemartini, Museo della Civiltà Romana - Planetario, Museo Barracco, Museo di Roma, Museo Napoleonico, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, MACRO Via Reggio Emilia e Mattatoio, Museo dell'Altora Pacis, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Mercati di Traiano.

National museums

Galleria d'Arte Antica di Palazzo Barberini, Galleria Borghese, Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo, Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia, Vittoriano - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Altemps, Museo Nazionale Romano - Terme di Diocleziano, Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (with exeption of the floor with paintigs), Museo Nazionale Romano - Crypta Balbi, Terme di Caracalla, Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella e Castrum Caetani, Basilica di Massenzio, Museo Nazionale dell'Alto medioevo, Castello di Giulio II - Ostia antica, Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica - Calcografia - Palazzo Poli, Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Pantheon Chiesa di S. Maria ad Martires, Museo Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico "Luigi Pigorini", Museo Nazionale d'Arte orientale, Complesso Monumentale di San Michele a Ripa Grande.

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